Ladislav Burian
Ladislav BurianCEO
The driving force of CONTIN is that we do things differently than it is common in the industry. We try to empathize with the customer's specific situation and approach each case individually. The company sees its potential in a well-working team of experts - I'd like to introduce you to some of them.
JUDr. Alena Tomková
JUDr. Alena Tomkovásenior loss assessor
I much appreciate that I can influence the dynamics and the process of resolution of insurance claims. Claims Department is full of professionals and with great commitment we try to assist the victims to address their claims so that our partners can be provided with competently processed assessment findings.
Ing. Jiří Vysočan
Ing. Jiří VysočanHead of the claims settlement department for Allianz insurance company
When you say CONTIN, I recall the training, knowledge and experience. This company is very attractive to me because it operates in an industry that I see as necessary and was well known. I see the potencial of CONTIN in its thoroughly pro-customer oriented approach and constantly simplifying internal processes.
Ing. Marie Slámová
Ing. Marie SlámováBrno branch manager
CONTIN is a modern and dynamically developing company which philosophy I share. We strive to continuously improve the quality of our services and provide our customers with excellent care. I continue the work that I hace devoted almost my entire professional life. I am glad that I can pass on my experience while constantly learning new things.
Ing. Pavel Sidora
Ing. Pavel Sidorasenior loss assessor
Když se řekne CONTIN, vybavím si vzdělávání, znalosti a praxi. Tato společnost je pro mě velmi atraktivní, protože působí v oboru, který vnímám jako potřebný a dobře jej znám. Potenciál CONTINU spatřuji v jeho veskrze prozákaznicky orientovaném přístupu a neustálém zjednodušování interních procesů.
František Smutný
František Smutnýsenior loss assessor
The company CONTIN is a dynamic and stable company operating on the Czech insurance market. It allows me to improve my years of knowledge and experience I gained as a loss assessor. We offer our partners qualified and professional services.

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