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We have a stable team of professionals and extensive know-how in the area of claims settlement and risk management. We pass the knowledge on to our employees, partners and end customers through consulting and advisory activities. We offer professional assistance in the field of development expertise, educational activities and training in the field of claims settlement and risk management. These trainings take place on specific themes according to the client in cooperation with authorities, universities and experts from the private sector.

  • Expertise development
  • Training and educational activities
  • Implementation of measures to prevent risks
  • The procedures for making claims for damages
  • Technical support for loss assessment

Most frequently asked questions

What is the status of my insurance claim?

A query on the status of the insured event can be sent to the email address info@contin.cz, we will also help you to answer by calling +420 539 011 854.

Where can I send the documents to the insurance claim?

Documents for the insured event can be sent to the e-mail address info@contin.cz. With regard to the capacity of the e-mail please send attachments in PDF format, if possible. Documents can also be sent in writing by mail to CONTIN Ltd., Škrobárenská 502/1, 617 00 Brno.

I received a request from you to substantiate the insurance contract to a vehicle that is not in my possesion, what should I do?

For evidence please send us a document that that you are no longer the owner of the vehicle - for example  acopy of a purchase or donation contract, a copy of the technical certificate, an extract from the register vehicles or affidavit.

I will be able to produce the invoice as I will repair the vehicle myself, what should I do?

If you want to repair the vehicle yourself, and therefore you are not able to substantiate the invoice for the repair of the vehicle, please send us this information along with other documents. Just write in the mail: "I am asking for determination of the amount of damages based on the budget."

It is a total loss, what should I do?

In case it is called the total damage to the vehicle, your car will be entered into an auction, from which we will send a bidder to purchase your vehicle. Our assessor will judge acceptable residues. The resulting amount is deducted from the usual price of the vehicle and the difference will be the amount that will be sent to your account.

We have a car lease, what bank account number should I give?

If you require indemnity payment to your account, then you need to send us a document confirming disposal of rights, ie.  leasing company agrees with the indemnity payment to your account. Please contact your leasing company.

The vehicle will repaired in a car repair, what bank account number should I give ?

If you require indemnity payment on the car repair account, it is necessary to provide a procuration authorizing the service to the receipt of benefits.  Please ask your service technician to provide you with this document. 

What documents should I submit when I borrowed a courtesy car?

For proper assessment of damages incurred on a courtesy you will be asked to provide in particular the following documents:

  • a receipt proving payment of the required amount for rent
  • a statement on why the vehicle was loaned
  • the protocol on the loan and taking back the loaned vehicle marked mileage
  • invoice for loaner vehicles
  • agreement on assignment of receivables
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