123 min 123 mintes is the average time of an assessment procedure

The company CONTIN s.r.o. is a stand-alone adjuster in the field of insurance settlement. We provide assessment services to insurance companies and the Czech Insurers' Bureau. We guarantee professional, prompt and impartial resolution of all kinds of claims from damage to vehicles to natural damage. We provide comprehensive services and search for solutions to satisfy all the needs of our clients.

  • Adjustment for insurance companies

    We have the necessary know-how for settlement of claims of all kinds. Our services are modified to meet the specific needs of our partners. Long-term clients include Allianz, Vienna Insurance Group, Česká pojišťovna, ČSOB and other major financial groups and insurance companies.

  • Adjustment for CIB

    We are an exclusive partner of the Czech Insurers' Bureau (CIB) in the field of loss assessment. Through close collaboration with professional organizations and prestigious positions in the field of liability we are close to our clients and we have almost all the information at first hand.

Find your nearest contracted service

In addition to loss assessment, we also arrange a complete reparation and service. We have a network of certified automotive service centers throughout the Czech Republic with guaranteed quality of service and prices.

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